• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Creams and gels for potency

It is possible to support the quality and length of intercourse in men both from the outside and from the inside. Stimulation consists mainly in providing the body, both inside and outside, with some simulators that have a significant impact on the final result, i.e. full satisfaction of both the man and his partner with the intercourse. What are creams and gels for potency?

Speed of action of resources for potency improvement - internal and external supplementation

Internal supplementation in terms of the speed at which it can be seen in the effects of its application is the least efficient, while its results are the longest lasting. The purpose of supplements and medicines, in appropriate doses and according to doctor's recommendations, is to systematize the entire body, provide it with the necessary nutrients and others, for which the demand is particularly high. In the case of potency problems, it is mainly about strengthening the capacity of blood vessels and making them more flexible, as well as proper cooperation between the circulatory system and the nervous and reproductive systems.

External supplementation

The second option that can be used in case of erection problems is external stimulation, which consists in supplying the body with certain elements from the outside. These elements are not only sensual stimulators, which are perceived by sight, hearing or smell, but also touch.

Proper preparation of the member for the intercourse is one of the basic activities necessary to ensure that the intercourse itself can take place smoothly and that both the partner and the partner can enjoy it.

Rescue from outside

Stimulation can be based on the use of the right kind of gels and creams for potency, adjusted in composition to its role. These specifics include ingredients that are known aphrodisiacs and stimulators such as ginseng, ginkgo, ginkgo biloba root, caffeine and others. In proper concentration and supported by other ingredients, they get inside the penis through the skin (diffusion occurs quickly, because the skin on the penis is thin and quite delicate), and there they fulfill their function, helping to dilate blood vessels and transport blood to every corner of the penis, giving the possibility of full erection.

Protective function

Stimulating creams and gels also have a protective function. As mentioned above, the skin of the penis is delicate and can be damaged by friction. To prevent this, these products also contain ingredients that support the regeneration of the epidermis, moisturize it, and soothe previously formed injuries.

Gels and creams for potency are also one of the basic elements of pre-game before intercourse. The use of these means that the palette of sensations also includes touch, which to a greater extent leads to the right mood and helps both women and men to prepare for the next part of the act.