• Monday, 26 October 2020

Vitamin supplementation

Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of the proper functioning of our body. Without them we are ill, we feel bad, we are still tired, we have trouble concentrating and focusing attention on everyday, even simple things. In a word, without vitamins and minerals, our body does not work as it should.

Where do you get your vitamins?

Vitamins in their natural state are found in nature. They can be easily found in vegetables and fruits, herbs and crops. A well-balanced diet should provide our body with a dose of vitamins and minerals to ensure its harmonious development and health. Unfortunately, nowadays, the words "harmony" and "balanced diet" are something we do not have in abundance, and therefore we do not have vitamins either.

Vitamins and everyday life

Contemporary life forces us to keep up the momentum and fight for prosperity, social position and better professional work. There is no time to notice that our daily eating sins, such as forgetting breakfast or biting on snacks made up of sugar and artificial colourings, do not do anything good. We have learned to live on the run, and this, unfortunately, does not help to provide our body with what it needs.

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables, cereal grains, lean meat, fish and dairy products is our duty if we want to live a healthy life. There is no other option and no other way to achieve this. Providing the body with processed ingredients, full of sugars and preservatives is the shortest way to disease and even death.

Vitamin supplementation

More and more people are trying to reconcile their lives with the desire to be healthy and are using vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of sparkling or ordinary tablets. It is true that specialists have managed to generate from almost every fruit or vegetable substances that can have a positive effect on our bodies and have turned them into supplements, now available immediately. Thanks to this, it may seem that we have health locked in a small capsule, which is enough to put in the mouth and drink water. Unfortunately, it's not true.

Myth of supplementation and reality

There is no way that tablets with artificially generated vitamins can replace a normal, rationally balanced diet. This is a fact that even the creator of supplements is not defended against, also by proclaiming that their product cannot be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. At most, it can be a certain supplement to it, for example when there is an increased need for a particular dietary component, when an attempt to supply it to the body is beyond our reach or when the effects of deficiency are simply visible and we need a quick dose of vitamin aid.

Who's the supplement for?

Dietary supplements help in providing our body with the ingredients it needs for its proper functioning. They are certainly not a good solution for people who do not know about their use, treat them like candy or take them once in a while, but in huge quantities, in the mistaken belief that such a policy will help them to remain healthy.