• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Effects of diabetes on potency

Diabetes is a disease that affects every system in our bodies. Unfortunately, it is also very important, negative of course, for the reproductive system, in particular can lead to problems with normal erection and erection in men. What is the effect of diabetes on potency?

I can't achieve erection - is it diabetes?

Many men have learned that they have diabetes during a doctor's appointment to help them with their potency problems. Inability to fulfill a sexual act is one of the first symptoms that may suggest that you should consult a specialist diabetologist.

Diabetes as a disease mainly impairs the blood and nervous systems, i.e. two basic ones, which support the proper functioning of the reproductive system. For this reason, there are problems with the proper flow of blood to all parts of the body, or the blood is under such a low pressure that it also does not perform its functions. The nervous system, which is not only responsible for transmitting stimuli, is also responsible for the production and transport of hormones, which have a significant impact on the quality of intercourse.

Diabetes not only blocks the proper functioning of the whole organism, but also causes that its treatment, especially with pharmacological agents, may result in the inability to rescue in other spheres.

Diabetes meds and potency problems

The main element of diabetic therapy is insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar levels. If the pancreas cannot cope with its production, it must be given from the outside. Used regularly and under the constant supervision of a doctor, this hormone regulates the appropriate level of blood sugar so that the patient does not feel too much side effects. Unfortunately, diabetes is a disease that can evolve and after some time there is an increasing need for insulin. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels cause deregulation of the entire body. People with too low or too high a sugar level are weakened, sleepy, do not feel like doing anything, and if they are already doing something, it ends up being a disaster and embarrassment in many cases.

Remedial actions

You can live with diabetes, according to the doctors. Yes, although it requires a lot of self-denial and seeking help from specialists in almost every aspect of life, especially sexual life. Although for diabetics, sexual intercourse can be painful not only for their pride (possible occurrence of bladder problems, frequent inflammation, pain and discomfort during intercourse), it is worth trying to use special preparations supporting potency, of course, recommended by the doctor, which may help to return to full sexual performance. It is also very important to keep a constant check on blood sugar levels. If you notice a glaring deviation, you should report it immediately, which will help to eliminate the unpleasant effects of getting stuffed during everyday activities.