• Sunday, 20 September 2020

How to build intimacy in a relationship?

Intimacy is a sphere reserved exclusively for people close to us, such as children, spouses and partners. Violation of this zone by strangers causes anxiety, a defensive reaction and is generally perceived as exceeding the boundary of good taste and human contact.

Intimacy in relation to

It is an interaction between people who are in a process of mutual attraction. In intimacy, it is not so much the sight (the partner is so close, within about fifty centimetres, that the exact image may be slightly blurred), but above all the hearing, smell, touch that plays an important role.

Relying on different senses than the one we use most often in our lives is unusual, because for most of us, without being able to examine our surroundings with our eyesight, we feel very insecure.

Mutual trust

It is a key element in building intimacy in a relationship. Trust is necessary to relax, to enjoy the closeness of another person, to be able to appreciate other aspects, such as body temperature or the aforementioned smell of a partner. It can be said that trust results from how we perceive the other person and vice versa. The stimuli we send and receive inspire us in a positive or negative way and guide us in our actions.

In the case of a relationship, there is no intimacy without mutual trust. Otherwise, it is a disturbed relationship, where one or both of its participants feel insecure, stressed and would most willingly increase the distance between themselves to an acceptable, intact intimate sphere.

Intimacy in relation to sexual intercourse and sexual life

In an intimate situation, the partners feel an even stronger attraction than when the distance between them is greater. This activates reactions triggering appropriate stimuli, which stimulate the body to undertake procreation. Interaction with each other is the result of the laws governing our body and what it considers attractive for the extension of the species. Our mind, on the other hand, guided by the choice of a partner, is guided by certain principles or guidelines, which are individual issues for each of us.

Intimacy leading to a satisfying sexual life can be increased accordingly, depending on whether we have the time and opportunity to do so. Proper preparation for such an action is crucial, because stimulation of stimuli increasing the quality of intercourse may be quite time-consuming, but not always.

Stimulation increasing the degree of intimacy in a relationship

Our body reacts primarily to the stimuli received by our senses. Stimulating them with objects, aromas, intense flavours and sensations on the skin allows you to intensify the feeling of pleasure even before the intercourse. Intimacy even forces some actions, because being close to each other and responding to the attacking sensations, as it were, we have no choice but to try to increase our satisfaction from the moment we experience.