• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Natural aphrodisiacs

Natural medicine has been inspired by nature for years to support our health and beauty. However, the use of its resources did not stop there. It was treated equally well as a collection of advice, guidelines and ways to stimulate sexual activity, both for men and women.

The stimulating and stimulating elements have been a topic from the very beginning of history to reflections and practices that have helped to elevate sexual intercourse to a kind of pedestal. The pleasure felt during the intercourse was the driving force behind the invention of certain activities, which made it even more satisfactory for both partners.

Learning to love the flesh isn't just an act. A huge role was played by "preparation", i.e. an introductory game, as we can call this stage today. Stimulation during foreplay was based on many aspects, using the whole range of senses available to man. What should you know about natural aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs - visual and olfactory stimuli

The palm is wrongly given priority when it comes to stimulators during foreplay, only and exclusively for food. Equally important elements that affect our well-being and quality of relationship are those that positively affect our sight and smell.

Eyesight is the first sense that we perceive most of the information from the world, as well as the sense of smell. Stimulating them with appropriate images and scents is a trick that was already known in ancient times and used by women of that time to please husbands and attract their attention. Women added to this a seductive dance or costume, which he discovered more than he covered, or both, which significantly increased the temperature in the bedroom.

The food of the gods

Influencing the senses is not only the environment in which foreplay takes place, but it is undoubtedly one of the first aspects to which attention is drawn. Equally important is the food that is served or tempted during the game. For centuries, it had been believed that food had been sent to people not only as a necessary element for survival, but also as something spiritual, mystical, and so it was treated. It was made up of sacrifices, celebrated with abundant crops, and believed to influence the vital forces of men during sexual intercourse. It is true that some foods, such as fruit or herbs, have been marked as necessary during sexual stimulation, because of their unusual taste or specific shape, resembling a male reproductive organ or female breasts. Herbs and spices also played an important role, and were used to prepare herbs and spices or, in later years, dishes that women served to their men, thus stimulating their jurisprudence. Today we know that these ladies were right, some of the herbs like oats, nettles and lovage are natural aphrodisiacs that have an effect that increases the desire to play games.