• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Does Ibuprofen cause infertility in men?

Ibuprofen is an organic chemical compound that has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect. It is an active ingredient of medicines for colds and reducing their effects, such as rhinitis, bone pain and cough. In a word, it is at the forefront of our needs, when the so-called transition period begins, there are rainy, cold days, and our resistance has already settled into winter sleep.

Medicines containing ibuprofen have one advantage: they work very quickly. The concentration of active and auxiliary substances makes the symptoms of the disease disappear quickly and we can return to normal life without a pile of handkerchiefs.

Ibuprofen, especially in combination with paracetamol and other compounds, is a bomb that works almost immediately and comprehensively in several areas of our body.

But is it just the ones where we expect a positive result?

Medicines and organism

Any interference in our body is a pathological phenomenon, which our body has to deal with properly. Medicines, due to their structure and composition, are often very badly tolerated, especially by the main organs, such as the heart, lungs, stomach or kidneys, responsible for filtration of nutrients. This is the case even if they are taken as a necessary treatment for another condition.

Ibuprofen and organism

This component of the drugs reacts quickly, effectively and, in most cases, its action in occasional use, in case of real need, does not cause permanent side effects. However, if ibuprofen is prolonged, worse or worse, it becomes a medicine as a prophylaxis at the weakest sneeze or sneeze, then we can start to worry.

Ibuprofen and potency in men

Long-term use of drugs containing ibuprofen affects not only the disease condition, but also other elements, such as potency. According to American researchers, the risk of complications and erection problems when taking drugs containing ibuprofen is more than two and a half times higher than when we do not use such drugs.

One of the auxiliary ingredients in medicines with ibuprofen in the composition is caffeine. It is designed to intensify the action of other compounds, increasing blood pressure, thus facilitating the transport of the drug throughout the body. Is that a good thing? Yes, if the drug is effective.

Is that bad for a man's erection? Also, yes, because during the tests, people taking drugs containing ibuprofen and caffeine complained about later intensifying problems during the sexual act.

It is not entirely clear whether these studies were carried out correctly or whether other elements could also have been responsible for this sexual inability of the men involved and could have disrupted the results. It is certain, however, that the action of any drugs in excessive amounts certainly does not help, and in most cases harms.