• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Eternal boy - Peter Pan syndrome

This syndrome is connected with the emotional sphere of a man's life. Usually the period of childhood lasts up to about 12 years. In the case of men affected by Peter Pan syndrome, it never ends. The name is taken from a fairy tale about Peter Pan, a boy who did not want to grow up, so he fled to Neverland, where he could remain a child. A modern man with this syndrome escapes from adulthood, is emotionally immature, often has difficulties in establishing lasting relationships and creating relationships.

Syndrome that only men are affected by?

Its name may suggest that this problem affects only the male population of society. However, it turns out that women also suffer from this syndrome. Both genders have similar symptoms. Peter Pan is a great fun companion, but he is not able to pay our bills, help us find a job, and also function in society based on adult, mature models of action, communication, or creating interpersonal relationships. People's interests are focused solely on the things they like. Adult life is a form of play for them. They can pretend to be responsible or mature, but when confronted with real-life situations in which it is necessary to demonstrate these qualities, they give up very quickly, insult or become angry like small children.

Peter Pan Syndrome and Relationship

It turns out that people with this syndrome also decide to have lasting relationships, including marriage. However, the mechanism responsible for making important decisions in life is different. For most adults it is usually a well thought-out choice, based on close acquaintance, mutual support and responsibility. For Peter, a relationship and a wedding are great fun. Sometimes it is also an element of temporary incarnation in an adult. Unfortunately, due to the difficult nature of people with this syndrome, the relationships are not sustainable. The problem is, above all, the carefree approach to life, the lack of guilt. Often people with Peter Pan syndrome are not aware of their way of working.

Source of emotional immaturity

This syndrome is usually caused by certain deficits in childhood. According to psychologists, it could be related to the way of upbringing. If parents have not given their child the right values, such as responsibility, consistency and good practices, then in the future the child may turn out to be a person with Peter Pan syndrome. A childhood that is unpleasant to experience may also result in attempts to compensate for the lack of nice memories in adult life. The basic way to deal with emotional immaturity, which has such a strong impact on adult life, are therapeutic sessions, during which the main goal is to learn the reasons for such immaturity, as well as to try to pass on appropriate models and models of conduct.