• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Potency problems at different ages

Potency problems, i.e. problems with the proper performance of a sexual act, may occur at different ages. It is therefore not true that this problem affects only men over a certain number of years.

Yes, with age, the desire for love games decreases (of course, not in all cases), but also the efficiency of the whole body, which is a natural effect of the fact that we are getting older. Unfortunately, this is a constant thing that, sooner or later, will touch each and every one of us.

You're old - no more sex?

First of all, we should answer the question of who the old man is. Is it a 50-year-old, 80-year-old, or even a hundred? There is no single definition of old age. We define it as an eye, which is a mistake on our part, that we assume immediately that a person, let's say, over sixty years old, can no longer fulfil a sexual act. Yes, in most cases such a theory can come true, but it absolutely does not have to.

Viagra, a friend of mine.

When a handicapped human body cannot keep up with the wishes, especially those of beds, pharmacology comes into succour. It has been known for a long time that Viagra stimulates the body and in particular certain parts of it, however young it may have been, to feel and enjoy the sexual act. This measure is a kind of salvation for people who do not want to give up intercourse, even at a slightly older age, but at the same time want to stay healthy. Although Viagra is a drug that has a significant impact on the body during its use, it has far fewer side effects than many of the specifics we use, for example when we have a headache. Its main ingredient, sildenafil, is a chemical compound that is removed from the body without leaving a trace after its action.

A variety of supplements, which not only contain potency-supporting elements, but also other vitamins and minerals that are important for health and well-being, will also help older men.

Potency problems in young men - how to deal with them?

For young men, the problems of not being able to fulfil a sexual act are often a real disaster. They often cause self-control, running away from new relationships or even cause deep depression. To avoid a continuous life of hiding, caused by shame and reluctance to expose oneself to laughter and uncensored insults, it is important to establish the scale of the problem. First of all, it is necessary to visit a specialist.

Urologist or sexologist? Who to choose?

To start with, a general practitioner will suffice if you trust him or her. It will make a first diagnosis and then refer you to the appropriate treatment further, depending on what the treatment requires. Potency problems are not always due to reproductive diseases. It happens, for example, that they result from heart disease, low or high blood pressure or even diabetes. That is why it is so important to have a proper diagnosis at the very beginning of the treatment. By eliminating other causes of potency problems, your doctor can detect more serious conditions, so it's really not worth the wait. When deciding on treatment options, it has to take into account many variables, choose the right medicines and diet that are not mutually exclusive, instead of helping each other. Thanks to this, the treatment is efficient and, above all, effective.