• Sunday, 20 September 2020

Potency supplements

Today, supplementation is the fastest way to provide the body with vitamins and nutrients that are lacking in our daily diet. Stress, constant lack of time, piling up professional and family responsibilities make us often forget about meals or catch a not very healthy snack on the run in the hope that it will satisfy our hunger.

The supplementation started to more and more often replace other methods of keeping the body in good shape, such as sport, balanced diet or adequate amount of rest. Which potency supplements do we differentiate?

So is it good to be stuffed with supplements?

If our daily habits, such as eating habits, balance at the limit of our body's endurance, supplementation can only make the situation worse, instead of helping. Then it is recommended to completely change your attitude, and most importantly, your lifestyle, so that it has a positive effect. However, there are some areas where supplementation is even advisable.

Food supplements and potency

Potency problems are an embarrassing subject, especially for affected men. It is often passed over in silence for fear of a public confession of "unmanly weakness", but it often happens that men, fearing problems in this area, preventively use various preparations aimed at improving their sexual potential. In most cases, these preparations are readily available, over-the-counter and can be purchased online with complete discretion, which additionally attracts desperate men.

Supplementation with erectile dysfunction is not uncomfortable, although some men use it even when they have no worrying symptoms. The components of preparations lifting libido are usually natural elements, such as herbs or spices, whose action has been proven to be effective in the fight against male problems.

Natural supplements for potency support

The most common are ginseng or ginkgo root, considered for centuries to stimulate aphrodisiacs, and from our local backyard you can meet in such preparations Lubczyk, fenugreek, celery or oats. In the past, these ingredients were considered to support male potency and were used by women as ingredients in love potions.

THINKING: The oat seeds baked bread, which was believed to have to be kneaded between the legs in order to fully fulfil its role, and then baked in such a way that it could be eaten by its man.

Today we know that, apart from the belief in supernatural abilities, these plants and herbs had a really beneficial effect on the quality and length of intercourse, hence their presence in dietary supplements used for potency problems.

Human hand-made supplements

There is also a large group of compounds, no longer produced by nature, but in laboratory conditions. These compounds, such as sildenafil, are also used, of course, in lower concentrations in some supplements. Their action raises the libido and also supports full readiness during intercourse.

It is also worth applying measures which at first glance have nothing to do with erection problems during supplementation. For example, start using magnesium, potassium or folic acid. This will allow for proper functioning and promote the tightness of blood vessels, optimal transport of oxygen to the cells, and will also help to increase the strength of the heart and lungs.